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Rassias Ventures is a network of companies that are independent from one another, but share information and infrastructure related resources.

The network comprises Hellenic companies that are active in some of the most dynamic industries of the country. This includes construction, hospitality, food and beverages and professional services. The network was founded by Strategy Lens a management consulting firm that specializes in Hospitality and Food and Beverages.

All members of the network are highly structured, innovative organizations that adopt global best practices in their operations. Our members offer excellent working conditions and career development opportunities to their employees, and occupy leading positions, each in their respective industry.

Read on and discover more about our members!

Erissos Fish Farm is family business operating in the Aquaculture industry. The production site of the company is located on the idyllic island of Kefalonia in the Ionian sea. The company has been growing and supplying the EU market with Seabream, Seabass and Meagre of exceptional quality and taste since 1991.

Throughout its many years of operation, Erissos Fish Farm has invested heavily in new production methodologies and technology, and has developed an operating model that focuses on sustainability of the environment, and high quality of products. These initiatives have cemented the company's leading position in the industry.

To learn more about Erissos Fish Farm, click on the icons below to visit their official website or LinkedIn page.

Strategy Lens is a strategy consulting firm that serves clients in the Hospitality and Food & Beverages industries. Their team comprises young professionals with a proven track record in the aforementioned industies.

The firm supports aspiring entrepreneurs and organizations of low to mid capitalization throughout all the stages of the strategy process. Strategy Lens offers specialized solutions in:

To learn more about Strategy Lens, click on the icons below to visit their official website or social media pages.

Work Spot is a recruiting management system that supports all stages of the talent finding process, originally developed by the Strategy Lens technology team. Its offering is tailored to the needs of mid size companies who wish to enjoy services typically accessible only to very large corporations.

Career opportunities that are offered by members of the Rassias Ventures Network and affiliated companies are advertised and managed through this portal. Candidates may create a professional profile on the platform to receive career opportunity suggestions on a free subscription basis.

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