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A Few Words About Us

Rassias Ventures is a network of companies that are independent from one another, but share information and infrastructure related resources.

The network comprises companies that are located in Hellas and are active in the most dynamic industries of the country. This includes construction, tourism and food and beverages. The founding members of the network are Erissos Fish Farm and Strategy Lens. Erissos Fish Farm is an aquaculture company serving clients in EU markets and Strategy Lens is a management consulting firm with a focus in the hospitality and food and beverages.

All members of the RV network are highly structured, innovative organisations that operate according to the highest corporate standards. Our companies offer excellent working conditions and career development opportunities to their employees and occupy leading positions each in their respective industry.

Read on and discover more about our founding members!

Erissos Fish Farm

Erissos Fish Farm is an aquaculture family business. The production site of the company is located in Kefalonia in the borough of Erissos, hence the name. The company has been growing and delivering to its customers Seabream, Seabass and Meagre of exceptional quality and taste for the past 26 years!

Erissos Fish Farm aims for excellence in every aspect of its operations and has invested heavily all those years to realize this goal and achieve a leading position in the industry. The annual production of the company amounts to approximately 300 tons of fresh fish distributed to a select group of wholesalers around the world.

To learn more about Erissos Fish Farm click on the icons below and visit their website their LinkedIn page.

Strategy Lens is a strategy consulting firm based in Greece, that serves clients in the European Union. Their team consists of people passionate about business, bearing as their core values professionalism and dilegence.

The firm supports organizations of low to mid capitalization throughout all the stages of the strategy process and groups its services into four core service lines. More precisely Strategy Lens offers:

You can learn more about the company by clicking at the icons below to visit their website, their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

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